Ready to wade further into the CSS waters? Check out these handy resources to get going.

Dipping In Your Toes

Learning how to target your site’s CSS will help you make certain design and layout changes. This three-part series from The Daily Post will help you customize your site with CSS. The techniques are applicable whether you’re hosted on using Custom Design – or on your self-hosted site, using the built-in Additional CSS panel in the Customizer as of WordPress 4.7, the Custom CSS module in Jetpack, or a child theme.

The support pages include some helpful CSS references:

This guide to using browser inspectors from The Women’s Coding Collective has some good practical examples.

Use a color-selection tool like Flat UI Color Picker to get colour codes to use in your CSS.

HTML is the peanut butter to CSS’s jelly – they’re meant to go together. These tutorials will help you get a handle on HTML basics.

Diving Deeper

Explore a range of CSS tutorials, from text-based to video lessons.

Media Queries

Get familiar with media queries so you can target elements on particular screen sizes.

Need a Helping Hand?

  • If you’re a user and are stuck on a tricky CSS challenge volunteers and staff are ready to help in the CSS Customization forums
  • If you need help with a self-hosted site, the forums are the place to be. Each free theme in the directory also has its own forum where you can ask questions specific to the theme.